In 2023, Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce orchestrated, and its members participated in a series of significant events, underscoring the vibrant relationship between Canada and Poland, alongside fostering international and local collaborations.

The Annual Excellence Awards Gala emerged as the year’s highlight, celebrating remarkable achievements in the Canada-Poland business community. Nearly 250 business minded participants gathered to celebrate. The event featured a networking reception and was followed by the formal part and dinner. The Chamber invited the Marshal of the Senate of Poland, Prof. Tomasz Grodzki who arrived with a large delegation – 5 senators and several Senate staff. Prof. Grodzki delivered a keynote address.

From other delegations of significant political importance that the Chamber met with were visits of Poland’s Prime Minister and the Minister of Health, showcasing deep diplomatic and healthcare industry ties.

Specialized seminars and conferences like GE Hitachi luncheon and the CETA seminar, along with participation in the Building Show conference and the Collision Conference highlighted the Chamber’s dedication to fostering business, innovation, and cultural exchange across borders.

A luncheon co-organized with GE Hitachi aimed at shedding light on the expanding nuclear sector and the abundant business prospects it offers. The collaboration in the nuclear industry represents an exciting chapter in the journey toward clean energy and enhanced energy independence and Canadian-Polish businesses can participate in a broader supply-chain opportunities.

The CETA seminar was attended by many companies from Poland that participated in the Building Show conference along with local Canadian-Polish businesses. An expert panel comprised Chamber members and invited speakers who presented on the topic and connected with participants during a networking reception that followed.

Collaborative efforts with other chambers of commerce, such as a networking wine reception with the Spain Canada Chamber of Commerce, a seminar with Canadian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce, participation in Canada-Finland Chamber of Commerce anniversary gala, and active representation at the Nordic Golf Cup, underscored a spirit of international unity. In addition, some of Chamber members participated in both Canada Day celebrations and Canada-Poland Connections in Digital Innovation event at the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw, Poland.

Cultural engagements were prioritized through the All Stars Gala, the 90th Anniversary of the Polish Highlanders Association of Canada, and the Polish Flag Raising at Mississauga City Hall, among many other events attended or sponsored by Chamber members, celebrating the rich cultural heritage and the enduring connection between the two nations. In particular, the All Stars Gala, a tribute to Nicolaus Copernicus on his 550th birthday was a remarkable event allowing our members to emerge in a beautiful concert and then participate in a well-attended networking reception.

Each event in 2023 not only underscored the Chamber’s commitment to enhancing local business and Canada-Poland relations, but also highlighted the diverse avenues—from cultural celebrations to high-level diplomatic visits and industry-specific seminars—through which these relations flourish. 2023 was indeed a year that showcased the strength and potential of Canada-Poland partnerships and our local Canadian-Polish business community, setting a solid foundation for future endeavors and cooperation.

For more details on these and other events, visit the News Section on Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce’s website: or see the links below to events in a chronological order. And in the latest news, the Chamber confirmed the date of its next Annual Excellence Awards Gala for May 3, 2024 – tickets are already available for purchase in priority to Chamber members before they will be offered to others.

Links to events in a chronological order:

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