September 15, 2023, Toronto, Ontario. Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce and GE Hitachi held a luncheon event aimed at shedding light on the expanding nuclear sector and the abundant business prospects it offers.

In the background, it’s noteworthy that GE Hitachi has been selected by both the governments of Ontario and Poland to deploy on-grid BWRX-300 Small Modular Reactors by as early as 2029. Ontario plans to build four such reactors at Darlington, while Poland, via Orlen Synthos Green Energy, plans to deploy over 70, bolstering clean energy generation and fortifying Poland’s energy independence.

Recognizing the substantial economic potential for the nuclear supply chain in both Canada and Poland over the coming decades, the timing is ideal for fostering closer collaboration between GE Hitachi, Orlen Synthos Green Energy, and the thriving Polish-Canadian businesses. This collaboration holds the promise of unlocking a myriad of opportunities in the nuclear sector.

Chamber member Dominik Roszak expertly moderated a roundtable discussion featuring a distinguished lineup of participants. Among them were Waldemar Halek, President, Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce; Lisa McBride, GE Hitachi Canada’s Country Leader for Small Modular Reactors; the Hon. Kinga Surma, Ontario’s Minister of Infrastructure; Rafał Kasprów, CEO of Orlen Synthos Green Energy in Poland (participating virtually); Dagmara Peret, GE Hitachi Poland’s Country Leader for Small Modular Reactors (also participating virtually); and Bill Walker, President, and CEO of the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (participated virtually). Additionally, several Chamber members and invited guests, already entrenched or keen to participate in the nuclear industry supply chain, contributed to the dynamic discussion.

The collaboration in the nuclear industry represents an exciting chapter in the journey toward clean energy and enhanced energy independence. This initiative not only promises substantial economic rewards but also underscores the potential of international cooperation in driving innovation and sustainable energy solutions. The time for Polish-Canadian businesses to seize these opportunities is now. Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce can play a role in helping Polish-Canadian businesses in accessing the nuclear industry opportunities. To learn how to become a member of the Chamber, visit