On November 25, 2023, in Mississauga, Ontario, the members of Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce were treated to a spectacular event – the All Stars Gala, a tribute to Nicolaus Copernicus on his 550th birthday. This remarkable concert was orchestrated by the Celebrity Symphony Orchestra, under the masterful direction of Dr. Andrzej Rozbicki, and unfolded within the enchanting confines of Mississauga’s Living Arts Centre.

The repertoire for the evening was diverse, spanning symphonies, operas, and even venturing into the realms of pop and modern tunes. The audience was treated to an immersive and unforgettable artistic experience.

Following the concert, a well-attended reception, generously sponsored by the Chamber, provided an opportunity for attendees to share their immediate impressions of the performance and engage in meaningful networking. The Ambassador of Poland, Mr. Witold Dzielski, graced the occasion with his welcoming remarks, while Maestro Dr. Andrzej Rozbicki shared insightful reflections on the concert.

In essence, this event stands as a testament to the Chamber’s commitment to participating in and contributing to broader community initiatives, further strengthening ties and fostering a shared appreciation for cultural and artistic endeavors.