BA, Marketing
Director of New Business Development, Ania Smith Productions

Ania Smith is a leading marketing executive in those manufacturing and real estate industries that demand technological innovation as an integral part of their marketing plans. She brings over a decade’s experience working with Canada’s most cutting-edge developers to deliver their market visions in unique, compelling and visually exciting ways. A technologically-savvy entrepreneur since her mid-twenties, Ania already established a flourishing media venture prior to launching her current platforms Axial 3d Corporation and Ania Smith Consulting Inc.

Her success derives from a fresh, dynamic approach backed by expertise in all aspects of marketing, advertising, public relations, event planning, and management. Always eager for a challenge, Ania excels in managing multiple projects, with strong attention to detail and an emphasis on problem-solving and follow-through. She’s a highly persuasive leader who motivates her teams to results that time and again exceed client expectations – always her top priority.

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