The Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce was represented by members of its Board of Directors: Wojciech Sniegowski – President, Waldemar Halek – Treasurer, Jack Smagala – VP Events, as well as by its Corporate Member:  Andrzej Sochaj, President, Cyclone MFG.

Photographed: Jack Smagala, VP Events CPCC, Wojciech Sniegowski, President CPCC, Waldemar Halek, Treasurer CPCC

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The opening of the Forum was conducted by Roman Ciepiela – President of Tarnów and Zdzisław Wojtasik – Organizer. Over 2 days attendees were able to listen to numerous interesting panels.

Day 1

First Panel: Diplomacy as a Tool

Diplomacy as a tool to develop an international business relationship. Does Poland take advantage of resources offered by “Polonia”?

Investment in Poland (Why investment by Polonia businesses in Poland is unsubstantial; Did Polish authorities create a proper condition for investment by Polonia?)

Panelist among others Wojciech Sniegowski – President CPCC and Andrzej Sochaj – Corporate member CPCC, Mariusz Haladyj – Deputy Minister (Ministry of Enterprise and Technology), Roman Ciepiela – President of Tarnów.

Wojciech Sniegowski, President CPCC suggested to the Minister that the creation of an Ombudsman Office would appropriately facilitate doing business in Poland by Polonia. This office should assist Polonia’s business by cutting the red tape and particularly provide a final interpretation of various regulations affecting businesses. Another recommendation was the preparation of a catalog of government agencies and organizations responsible for applying the business regulations in Poland. This could provide pertinent information for potential investors.

Photographed: Andrzej Sochaj, President Cyclone Mfg – Corporate Member and Wojciech Sniegowski, President CPCC

Second Panel: Poland – Polonia Economic Union

The panel discussed the creation of the organization (NGO) to assist Polonia business in accessing the Polish market.

Third Panel: Family Business

The panel discussed various aspects of the creation, operation, and succession of family-owned businesses.

Fourth Panel: Belarus – Business above politics.

Panel discussed opportunity in doing business in Belarus basing it on strong presence of Polonia in that country.

Fifth Panel: Risky Markets

This Panel discussed opportunity in doing business in Middle East and Central Asia’s markets. Risks and rewards. Risky markets discussed included the great potential in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Georgia.


Business Gala

The Gala was opened by Robert Mucha, a businessman from Canada, presenting greetings from Andrzej Malinowski President of Pracodawcy RP. Pracodawcy RP is one of the most influential business organisation in Poland.

During an evening gala statutes “White Eagle of World Polonia Business” were presented. Andrzej Sochaj – Cyclone MFG – corporate member of CPCC received Business of the Year award. Congratulations, Andrzej Sochaj and Cyclone MFG! 

Photographed: Award recipients.

Photographed: Chamber Board of Directors and Award Recipients at Business Gala

Day 2

First Panel: Everything you want to know about CETA

Panel members Wojciech Sniegowski – President, Waldemar Halek – Treasurer, Jack Smagala – VP presented CETA as an opportunity of doing business with and in Canada.

Various aspects of CETA and its impact were discussed. Some of the points included: overall improved efficiency in the process of moving goods; early winners are companies already trading as their products became more competitive; potentially less known opportunity to the EU firms is that they can now bid on government contracts in Canada; and from Canada’s perspective anticipated wins relate to increased economic activity and the EU companies setting up subsidiaries to enter the North American market.

Photographed: Wojciech Sniegowski, President CPCC, Waldemar Halek, Treasurer CPCC, Jack Smagala, VP Events CPCC

Second Panel: The U.S. politics and its impact on business in Canada and the EU

Discussion about the recent choices made by the U.S. administration in their relations with Canada and the EU and the related impact on doing business.

Forum reflections:

“The Forum was organized very proficiently. The guests representing Polonia from around the world provided a lot of interesting information. Our Chamber established contacts with the Polish Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Skylight Cooperative, Association of Producers and Employers “Podlasie”. CPCC also re-established contacts with Pracodawcy RP and Polish American Chamber of Commerce (Chicago).” – Wojciech Sniegowski, President CPCC

Photographed: Jarosław Kaczyński Tehran Bureau Chief PAIH and Wojciech Sniegowski, President CPCC

“The Forum was a good setting to establish new and maintain existing relationships. There was a mix of representatives of various businesses and organizations representing groups of businesses from many countries. The format of the forum allowed for B2B meetings and exchange of information and ideas. The second day highlighted Canada and CETA and thus allowed to promote doing business between Canada and the EU.” – Waldemar Halek, Treasurer CPCC

Photographed: Katarzyna Gierczak-Grupinska, Fundacja Firmy Rodzinne, Bogdan Kulas, Prezes Norwesko- Polskiej Izby Gospodarczej, przedsiębiorca, Victoria Iwanowska, CEO, Victoria Travel & Events, Krzysztof Partyka, Advisor, Ministry of Enterprise and Technology, Waldemar Halek, Treasurer CPCC


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