The Nuclear Committee of the Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce of Toronto, originally known as the”CANDU for Poland” action group, strives to promote Nuclear Power and Canadian Technology.

The most active members (and associate members) of the Chamber involved in this committee are: Emil Bros, Stefan Doerffer, Darek Kulczynski, Wojciech Sniegowski, Jerzy Sawicki and Mariusz (Mark) Zimny.

Many Polish-Canadians work in atomic energy sector in Canada and their experience may be helpful to Polish companies and to the Polish Government. The Committee members deliver presentations at nuclear related functions both in Canada and in Poland, publish articles in engineering journals and in newspapers and maintain contacts with Canadian and Polish politicians advising them on the benefits of closer co-operation between Poland and Canada in the realm of nuclear energy. A major part of these activities involves presentation of design and safety features of Canadian developed CANDU reactors. CANDU stands for CANada-Deuterium-Uranium and denotes a PHWR reactor type (Pressurized Heavy Water cooled and moderated Reactor). CANDU 6 PHWR’s operate in 11 countries. Some CANDU 6 reactors (e.g. Wolsong in South Korea) rank high amongst the best performing nuclear units in the world (high capacity factors).

The Committee is co-chaired by Mark Zimny, P. Eng. and Darek Kulczynski, P. Eng.

Mark Zimny, a graduate of Wroclaw University of Technology (Politechnika Wroclawska) is the President of Promation Nuclear Inc., a high tech company that offers development of robotic tools and other services employed in CANDU reactor overhauls and refurbishment. Mark participates in activities of the Organization of CANDU Industries (OCI) and speaks at many nuclear events in support of this form of Power generation. In March, 2011, Mark took part in public hearings on Darlington B and delivered supporting presentation to the Darlington New Nuclear Power Plant Project Joint Review Panel.

Darek Kulczynski, a graduate of Warsaw University of Technology (Politechnika Warszawska), offers training, PR and editorial services at Devolica Society. Darek spoke at conferences, delivered lectures and published articles related to CANDU operation and design, some of which have been posted at this Website. He has been working as senior engineer for Ontario Power Generation/Ontario Hydro for 30 years and is an active Delegate with the Society of Energy Professionals.