Sophia Sniegowski Begidzhanov:

Communications Committee Chair, CPCC

Corporate Communications Officer, The Musket Transport Ltd. and CHET

When an organization truly functions as a networking organization first, its benefits can easily go unnoticed. That is because you build your network organically and you see the positive domino effect in hindsight. While it is happening, you typically go on as if business is usual but in fact, your business is already experiencing the benefits of your newfound connections. 

I can pinpoint a series of positive events for my companies, Musket Transport Ltd. and Commercial Heavy Equipment Training Ltd. – CHET since joining the CPCC. Due to my active involvement on committees, the board and my loyal event attendance, I grew my network. 

For example, thanks to a CPCC Winter Networking Event I met the CEO & President of the Mississauga Board of Trade – MBOT. The two companies I represent joined MBOT and got the opportunity to expand our network in Mississauga. At Musket, MBOT in partnership with Climate Smart connected us with an environmental training opportunity. We became the first trucking company in Ontario to receive their certification.

At CHET, thanks to an MBOT event the CPCC President Wojciech Sniegowski introduced our school’s Operations Manager to a representative of CP Rail. Shortly after this interaction, CP Rail became one of our corporate customers for truck training.

Personally, due to my role as a VP of IT at the CPCC, I was asked to judge my first student competition, Venture Weekend: Smart Cities. I was also able to make meaningful personal connections that became key in projects at work. Thanks to the CPCC, I am able to connect with the Mayor of Mississauga, Bonnie Crombie, and MPP Natalia Kusendova on professional matters but from a place of familiarity.

Once COVID hit, connections like these became key in securing additional PPE for our frontline workers. The CPCC was also able to lobby on our behalf to gain access to rapid tests. This is the type of activity and representation you should seek in member based organizations.

My most important takeaway from my years as a CPCC member is that you get out of it what you put in. Many of the examples I listed above would not have been possible if I was not present, active and secured corporate sponsorship when it was most relevant. I would like to encourage my fellow active members to share their testimonials and for new members to join!

This organization is one of a kind.