Dear Members,

You have the opportunity to participate in the 2015 SME Study being conducted by the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME) of Public Works and Government Services Canada.


Some of you may recall the report Integral to the Economy, Integral to Procurementthat was released after the 2012 SME Study (Participation of SMEs in Federal Procurement). The report identified challenges SMEs face with government procurement and opportunities that could provide support for SMEs to do business with the Government of Canada.

Since 2012, PWGSC has implemented SMART Procurement, an initiative that has buyers engaging with suppliers in order to better align the request for a product or service with what industry can provide. The department has also consolidated federal government tenders and related procurement information on to help industry make better business decisions.

The 2015 SME Study will assess PWGSC’s progress on the concerns raised by SMEs and will measure the impact of changes and services that have been implemented since 2012. It is anticipated that your feedback will guide future enhancements to procurement.

You can access the study here:

If you need additional information or clarification, please contact OSME at: We appreciate your participation in the 2015 SME Study.