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I recently attended a Pierogi Workshop hosted by Maria Rozynska, owner of Just Be Cooking. Set at a beautiful kitchen studio in Forest Hill, this class provided a fantastic introduction to pierogi-making, as well as being a cozy way to spend a Friday night in the city. Being a woman of Polish descent with a partner who’s grandmother makes renowned homemade pierogies, learning how to cook traditional Polish dumplings from scratch was something I have always wanted to learn – even though they will never be as good as grandmas!

After an introduction to Polish cuisine, Maria began her pierogi demonstration by explaining the dough component. What I quickly came to learn is that this is critical, if not the most important, part of the recipe – the foundation for these pillows of joy. Using only four ingredients, plus a little water, we rolled, spread, and beat the dough until it was the recommended consistency. After letting it sit for a period of time, we moved on to the assembly line: cutting the dough into rounds, filling each with traditional Polish filling (varieties we had were: potato and cheese, mushroom and sauerkraut, and sweet cherry), and sealing each dumpling very carefully to ensure they stay together during boiling.

Making pierogies may look easy, albeit time-consuming, but this process is surprisingly much more difficult than one would think. Luckily, Maria kept a close eye on the group and ensured each and every one of us had her individual attention: maintaining quality control and answering any questions that one had. After our batches were complete, she prepared our pierogies for something akin to a traditional Polish dinner, with delicious mizeria (cucumber salad) and Żubrówka vodka on the side, while we listened to the music of Polky Village Band, a local folk group. I absolutely loved Polky Village Band, who put on a fantastic performance singing traditional Polish and Ukrainian folk songs, with Maria even joining in at some parts as well. After hours in the kitchen, it was such a lovely way to enjoy our homemade and hard-earned pierogi dinner. How on earth can grandmothers do this so frequently?

The Hands-On Pierogi Workshop by Maria Rozynska was by far one of my favourite events of this summer, and definitely my most memorable. Between the wonderful people I met, the beautiful Polish folk music, and amazing instruction, I’m already looking forward to my next Polish cooking lesson. Until then, I’ll be adventuring on my life-long journey to honing the perfect pierogi, with the hopes of one day, being just as good as grandma.

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