July 11, 2018 – President Wojciech Sniegowski and Vice President Jack Krosinski of Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce attended the swearing in Ceremony of newly elected MPP for Mississauga Centre Natalia Kusendova.

Natalia Kusendova is very well known in Polish Diaspora and beyond for her volunteer work and active participation in community life. She worked with Chamber on numerous occasions and was awarded the Youth Political Leadership by CPCC in 2017. Taking the oath Natalia Kusendova was accompanied by Premier Doug Ford.

“Overwhelmed by the support, warm wishes and words of encouragement from family, friends and supporters. It was a great honour to have Premier Doug Ford present as I took my oath of office.” – Natalia Kusendova

We officially congratulate MPP Natalia Kusendova on her Swearing-In Ceremony!