On November 2nd, 2016 the Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce of Toronto held an educational session on ways businesses can maximize their online marketing efforts through AdWords (Google’s advertising platform).

The presentation was led by Jarek Rozynski, a marketing veteran with over 10 years experience including working directly at Google. Currently, Jarek runs his own online marketing agency with a focus on helping small and medium sized businesses get the most from their online spend.

Main areas covered included

    • Main benefits of AdWords:
        • Reach: 88% of Canadians use Google as their primary search engine.
        • Relevance: Ad is seen only by prospects that are actively looking for what you have to offer.
        • Return on Investment: You only pay once someone clicks on your ad.
        • Tracking: Ability to track user behaviour leads to further optimization and lower acquisition costs.
    • Search Marketing:
        • Almost 2/3 of those searching for high commercial intent keywords (people looking to buy) click on paid ads.
        • Google can interpret your keywords differently based on the “match type” you use. This is very important and can lead to a lot of wasted spend if not set up properly.
        • Leverage the “Search Terms” report to see exactly what search queries are triggering your ads. This data can help you create new keywords you wish to target or omit certain ones.
        • AdWords uses a quality score system based on how relevant your ad is for any one search. Google rewards those with a high quality score by charging them less per click.
        • It’s very important to set up conversion events on your site, which are actions such as a form being filled out or a phone call that is over 60 seconds. Over time, as more data comes in, you can optimize your account to obtain more of these events.
    • Display Marketing:
        • Reach the 79% of people online that aren’t searching.
        • Google provides a wide range of targeting options, from using keywords which relate to the main topic of the page, all the way to whether someone is in-market for a particular product or service.
        • It’s best to mix and match the various targeting methods in order to find those combinations that lead to the best results.
        • Remarketing advertising allows you to show ads only to those people that have visited your site in the past. This is a very effective approach to improve conversion rates and increase brand recognition.
    • Mobile:
        • As of 2015, more searches are made on mobile phones than on desktop o This trend is only going to continue.
        • It’s critical to consider the mobile experience for those accessing your site from a smart phone.

Full presentation can be found here.

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Main services include:

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Jarek Rozynski BIO: Jarek is a marketing veteran with over 10 years of experience in Canada and internationally. Throughout his career, he’s had the pleasure of working at a plethora of companies ranging from start-ups and medium-sized enterprises, all the way to multinational corporations such as Capital One and Vodafone. Most recently Jarek worked at Google as an Acceleration Manager, responsible for onboarding and accelerating new partners that resold AdWords to their own client base. When not buried in online metrics, you’ll find him spending quality time with his wife and son and probably planning his next globetrotting adventure. For more details, please visit: www.linkedin.com/in/rozynski