Photographed: (from the left) Stephen Klus, CPCC VP and EUCCAN President, Waldemar Halek, CPCC Vice-Chair, Wieslaw Rozanski, UPEMI President, Wojciech Sniegowski CPCC President and Chairman.

Friday, November 8, 2019, Chamber Board members attended “Doing Business with the Polish Meat Industry” Workshop. Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce was represented by Wojciech Sniegowski, Chair, Waldemar Halek, Vice-Chair and Stephen Klus, VP and President, EUCCAN along with several of our members.

The Polish Union of Producers and Employers of Meat Industry (UPEMI) and Polish Investment and Trade Agency Toronto Office (PAIH) put together a knowledgeable panel of subject matter experts. Several Poland based companies were in attendance, including Animex, Skiba, Sokolow, Goodvalley and Mokobody, along with their industry colleagues from Ontario. The provincial government was also present with insights from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs as presented by Greg Merlihan, Trade and Investment Attraction, Business Investment and Development.

A noteworthy take away from UPEMI’s presentation was that Poland is a serious player in the food sector and it is supported by outstanding production and export stats: #1 producer of poultry in the EU and seventh worldwide, #1 producer in the EU and exporter worldwide for apples and mushrooms and #1 producer in EU for carrots and cucumbers.

There were plenty of networking opportunities. Poland and Ontario are open for business!

Congratulations Wieslaw Rozanski, President of UPEMI and Zack Labieniec, Head of PAIH and their teams for a well-organized event.

Photographed: Selected presenters and some of the workshop participants.