Eddies meat and deli market started at home, making sausages and Polish delicacies with recipes passed down from generations past for Edwards friends and family. From those humbled beginnings came the inspiration to share with the growing Eastern European community in the new world a taste of home cooking seldom found, yet often sought after. The demand from the polish community grew steadily as the word passed down about a great cook in this foreign town. Once the kitchen was overwhelmed the garage swelled too, the decision was made to invest what little they saved to turn this pent up demand into a business the community badly needed. The first small unit was leased in 1995.
Edward Kida along with his wife Janina Kida, had a dream to become self-employed. Since Edward was a great cook, and Janina is business savvy, and both were hard working, they decided to invest all in his talent. Edward was the oldest of four when his mother passed away at an early age, leaving him in charge of family meals. He loved cooking and soon enough his passion became his best asset in the food industry. With no money for further education as a chef, he decided to prepare what he knew from his early years.
Edward and Janina re financed their home to start the journey in the meat business. With minimal English, no education and little money in their pockets, it was no piece of cake, but, from one thousand square foot location, to two thousand square feet of production wholesale space and retail space in 2015, every unslept night was worth it.
Today, Eddie’s meat and deli market employs over 30, including Edwardsand Janinas kids and their spouses. You can say, this family business is a success, because of their dedication and love for Polish culture. Today, Eddie’s meat and deli market produces over 150 products, including smoked meats, cakes, breads and delicious Polish specialties like cabbage rolls and tripe soup.
Eddie’s meat and deli market has been feeding the Polish Canadian and Eastern European community for 20years.