Chris Jakubowski aka “Mr. Linen” is owner/operator of Mega City Linen; Canada’s largest independent Linen and Supply rental company. That title doesn’t come by chance. Nooo. It’s by taking a chance twenty-five years ago, coming to Canada and applying his vision, “I knew this was something I would excel at.” By seizing a fledgling 3,000 square foot warehouse in Etobicoke of just 4 people and turning it into a massive 63,000 plus facility that employs between 65 to 100 people and with a base clientele of over 1,000 clients. “We are ever expanding,” Jakubowski smirks. In fact, their growth is so prodigious, that serious players in the hospitality industry took notice and honored him with the moniker “Mr. Linen.”

Hailing from Bialystok, Poland, Chris always had the merchant feel, ”I was born to sell.” Working in a linen factory, “Was sweat and tears for a while,” laments “Mr. Linen” sleeping in the linen bins he was delivering. “Number 14, the blue one,” Jakubowski laughs. Then thru several back breaking years, got a loan to start his first shop, prospered and hasn’t looked back. “Hey, we’re just getting going,” Chris continues.

By the same token, he sincerely respects his clients and tries, “To give the best deals because if it wasn’t for the clients, we wouldn’t be in business,” he points out.

With diverse venues at Mega City, Mr. Jakubowski is very confident of the future. “We have expanded to include our WEDS–Wedding Event Design Studio, a flower and accessories line, not to mention our newly added limousine service. Believe me when I say, we are your One-Stop-Event-Shop! I promise you, you won’t leave here empty handed,” Chris reassures.

So we honor this enterprising entrepreneur “Mr. Linen,” for laying it out for us these many years and present him with this award, so that he, doesn’t leave here empty handed!