Alicja Zukowska-Wojewnik was born in Lodz, Poland and was raised in the beautiful city of Gdansk. Alicja graduated with a masters degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry from the University of Gdansk and then came to Canada nearly 30 year ago with 2 boys to raise.

Alicja secured a job as a laboratory technician in what was then a small company in Windsor Ontario called Jamieson Laboratories. From there she moved her way up to a position as Director of Quality and Science. Several years later, Alicja moved to Winnipeg Manitoba to join a private health company called Vita Health. This company was later sold to North American Leiner Health Products. Here Alicja maintained a position for nearly 10 years managing a team of over 90 people as the Senior Vice President. During this time she was invited by then Health Minister Alan Rock to join a transition team which would be tasked with developing a new regulatory framework for health products. The Natural Health Products Regulations of Canada came to be as a result of this effort.

Recognizing that the industry would need guidance to operate under this new regulatory framework, Alicja established dicentra, a leading global regulatory consultancy that helps companies of all sizes to develop and market health products in North American marketplaces. With her strategic approach to regulatory and scientific affairs, her long standing government relationships and inspirational leadership, Alicja and her dicentra team provides sought after advice that has helped hundreds of companies es-tablish a leading role in Canada and the United States.

Since this time Alicja has remained committed to the industry and to Canada as a whole and has remained ever grateful for the opportunities she has been given. She continues to pursue new ventures as an entrepreneur and has since established the online retailer called Vitarock which promises to deliver products to consumers that are pure, green, safe and fair.

Alicja continues to remain an active supporter of and contributor to several not for profits including the Polish Orphans Charity, Vitamin Angels and Elephant Thoughts.