Bart Pasowski
Humanitarian of the Year

Peter Milczyn
Political Leadership of the Year

Andrzej Sochaj
Industry Star of the Year

Tony Jasiński
Champion of the Year

Waldemar Halek
Executive of the Year

Jarosław (Jerry) Piskorski
Nuclear Engineer of the Year

Dr. Jack Pozniakowski
Leading Dental Clinic of the Year

Magdalena Surma
Youth Mentorship and Publishing in International Relations, Global Affairs and Diplomacy

Jerzy Malarski
Financial Advisor of the Year

 Marek Marchelewicz
Freight Forwarder of the Year

Agata Klimczak
Marketer of the Year

   Tomasz Słoniewski
Currency Analysis Software Developer of the Year 

Leslie Żurek-Silvestri
Community Award of 2016

Ania Krosińska
Social Activist of the Year 

Marek Kornaś
Publisher of the Year

 Greg Gilmour
Real Estate Broker of the Year 

Robert Jękosz
Automotive Industry Star of the Year

Ted Zdybał
Art’s Manager of the Year


Maggie Habieda
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year