Maggie Habieda, fondly referred to as “Maggie the Magician,” is a Master of Photographic Arts who skillfully captures the spirit of love, beauty, and dreams, inspiring her subjects to embrace their true selves through her expressive portraiture. As the esteemed proprietor of Fotografia Boutique, a prominent portrait studio in Oakville, Ontario, Maggie has garnered international acclaim for her unwavering commitment to professionalism, innovation, and the exceptional quality of her work.

Highly regarded for her mesmerizing Timeless Portraits, Maggie has had the honor of photographing a multitude of corporate executives, distinguished politicians, and accomplished performing artists. Her precise editing and steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction distinguish her in the industry.

Beyond her notable professional achievements, Maggie is deeply devoted to philanthropy. As the founder and chair of the Colours of Love International Concert, a non-profit organization, she unites people to rejoice in life, love, and diversity through the shared appreciation of music, dance, and art.

Maggie Habieda is a true polymath: an artist, innovative genius, zealous cultural arts event producer, and thriving entrepreneur. Her talent and altruism continue to leave an enduring impact on the lives of her clients and the community as a whole.