K.G.E. “Chuck” KONKEL

Born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands of a Polish father and Dutch mother, Kazimierz “Chuck” Konkel has a Master of Arts degree in International Relations migrating to Canada with his family when he was young. He served as an officer cadet in the Canadian Armed Forces and has been a police professional on three continents for more than 40 years.

He put in place the Hate Crime programme adopted across Canada for which he received the Senate Award of Merit. He developed internal auditing standards which form the basis for policing standards for all police services in Ontario. He has lectured nationally and internationally at the university and community college level on subjects as diverse as auditing standards, globalization economics and contemporary communications strategies for business.

A recipient of the Hong Kong Police Medal, Poland’s Order of St Brigitte, Bnai Brith Humanitarian award, in addition to The Canada 125 medal for his contributions to policing and society; Konkel has been a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Letters and is an accomplished best-selling mainstream author and regular book reviewer for two national newspaper chains. He was a regular contributor on Canadian military history to Esprit de Corps, Canada’s premier military magazine specializing in issues involving Polish military involvement in World War Two. He was a regular on Canadian national television (CTV Lifetime and CBC with Bill Cameron) and appeared on radio/television programs internationally including the American Larry King show; Tom Snider (NBC) and Bob Grant on CBS radio, nation-wide.