Automotive Industry Member of the year 2016

Robert Jekosz was born in Tarnow, Poland in 1967. He quickly developed a key mechanical mind with a specific interest in cars and racing. He immigrated to Canada in the 1990’s with the intention of furthering his automotive passions. While working at a multitude of different jobs, Robert was able to gain a knowledge of Canadian business and develop business connections that he uses to this day. Stepping out on his own to become an entrepreneur, first in the field of transportation. He then used all his knowledge gained through his automotive history to take on the world of alternative fuels.

Both from an economic and environmental factor, Robert saw early on the benefits of propane. Using his own proprietary technology, Robert’s company, PHD, has become the leader in the automotive propane conversion industry. With everything from propane run trailer heaters, dual fuel automotive propane systems all the way to the futuristic and innovative propane run fuel cells, Robert’s company seeks to lessen their customer’s carbon footprint while also saving their customer’s money from the bottom line

Today, in Robert’s spare time, he can often be found at rally tracks around North America, hanging out in the pits with his 3 beautiful daughters and ever-supportive wife. Although Robert has come so far in Canada he has never forgotten his Polish routes. With Polish being the language spoken in the office and at home, and his multiple polish business connections, Robert has always seen the Canadian-Polish relationship as one that is incredibly beneficial for both countries.