Freight Forwarder of the year 2016

Soon after Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce of Toronto was established in 1994 I decided to get into CPCC Hall of Fame – to receive its Excellence Award.

For that reason, in March of 1998 I opened and incorporated Abakus Forwarding Inc.

Slowly but surely, I was working on my goal, the Company grew, the staff (me) remained loyal and stayed with the Company through thick and thin. Customer base grew somehow, some came, some retired, I became friends with quite a few.

18 years had gone by and my goal has been achieved. I was notified couple of months ago that I would receive the Excellence Awards of Canada Poland Chamber of Commerce of Toronto, a big award for a small Company like mine.

And this, the award, without a question, I owe to our loyal customers. I am grateful for their support and will continue trying to give them reasons to stay with Abakus.