Financial Advisor of the year 2016

Jerzy Malarski was born in Walcz, grew up in Kielce, and graduated from the Lublin University. He opened up his first business in Kielce in the early 80’s but his hunger for freedom and vision of a better life for his family brought him to Canada in 1990. Since then he has built a prominent reputation in the financial services industry, specifically in insurance and investments.

In 1991 he founded a successful brokerage agency – Life Concept Financial & Insurance Inc. Two years later, he established the Polish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, which grew to amass over 300 members. Jerzy has been an exclusive advisor for the Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan for over 20 years.

Lately he has been promoting a unique type of investment – the Syndicated Mortgage. When investing in a syndicated mortgage, the investor pools their money with other investors to create a mortgage that will be registered and secured directly with the property or building that’s associated with that mortgage. He can proudly say that none of his mortgage investors have lost even a single dime so far!

His work has been recognized with many awards from ING – Internationale Nederlanden Group, Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan, and Johnston Group Ontario.

He is a strong supporter of the Polish community and cultural events.

In his free time, he enjoys sailing, skiing and spending time with his friends and family.