Real Estate Broker of the year 2016

Greg Gilmour burst onto the Real Estate scene in 1975 and wowed the industry, selling 77 homes his first year.

He is most known for his involvement in bringing the RE/MAX Brand to Eastern Canada in 1980; a move that changed the real estate industry as we know it. This created independence for Realtors and allowed Buyers and Sellers to choose the Realtor and marketing plan that meets their needs.

An award-winning developer, Greg has built office buildings, condominiums, luxury homes and an indoor mall. Greg is known throughout Mississauga for his fearlessness; in 1999 he broke a decade-long stalemate in development of the City Centre when he built a 5 story office building to house his RE/MAX office and a handful of tenants.

Greg’s vision and enthusiasm are magnetic. Over 400 Realtors across the GTA choose to make Greg Gilmour their Real Estate Broker as members of his franchise, RE/MAX Realty Specialists, Inc, Brokerage, which celebrated its 35th-anniversary last year and closes an average 2000 transactions annually.

Personally, Greg is most proud of how his passion and penchant for Real Estate has improved the lives and economies of hundreds of homeowners, Real Estate salespeople and closest to his heart, his family. All four of Greg’s siblings, the majority of his nieces and nephews and both of his children have joined him in what he calls “the greatest profession on Earth”.

Greg is proud to have fast-tracked a great many Polish Canadians to achieve their Canadian Dream. A remarkable number of whom are strong, independent Polish women, and a few of whom celebrate with us tonight.