Leading Dental Clinic of the year 2016

Dr. Pozniakowski grew up in a family, with two other siblings. He was the youngest one. His grandmother, came from US, was visiting Poland and got trapped by World War I. She married a captain of Polish Cavalry and never returned to US. Germans executed his other grandfather in Auschwitz concentration camp for the acts of espionage on behalf of Polish Army. He was a spy during World War II. His parents kept rejecting the communist regime and as a child Dr. Pozniakowski remembers they were listening to radio Free Europe. His father was making many attempts to take his family to the country of his mother, US. Unfortunately, Polish communist government restricted that kind of trips particularly for its non-communist citizens.

As a teenager Dr. Jack was quite independent and new what he wanted to do with his life. His dream was to be a physician working for Red Cross to travel the world and help people. Eventually, he decided to apply for Dentistry. Right after his parents fooled Polish border officer by buying flight tickets to two different destinations at the same time. One to Greece and one to US. At the last moment they switched the gates and ended up on a plane to New York. Upon graduation of Dentistry he continued to study Medicine. Jack visited his parents once the communist regime started to melt down. He enrolled at Loyola University in Chicago for a dental program. During his living in the centre of Polish community in Chicago Jack experienced unpleasant episodes of discrimination towards Polish emigrants that created some aversion towards the United States. Then Jack met his parent’s friends from Canada that made him fall in love in the country. That started a chain of positive experiences for him. Dr. Poz was among brilliant Canadian dentists that shared his passion for higher education. He emerged into new exciting field of laser dentistry. His credentials were recognized and he was offered to teach to use lasers in dentistry throughout South America and Canada. Jack becomes one of the pioneers of Laser Dentistry in Canada. Patients appreciated how the technology changed their dental appointments for better.

Over the years of practising orthodontics, Dr. Pozniakowski expanded his knowledge into fields that he believes were essential to treat and diagnose patients more accurate, dysfunctions of jaw joint (TMJ dysfunction) and sleep disorder dentistry. Very important branches of dentistry that he found often overlooked. Jaw joint dysfunction, as well as sleep disorder dentistry, are also maladies that can impact life expectancy, general health and overall quality of life. Presently Dr. Pozniakowski is taking his dental practice towards holistic dentistry. As the heath professional that treats many patients he sees that dentistry cannot be separated from the whole body. We cannot allow ourselves to think that any change happening in one part of our body won’t affect the rest. Human body is like a perfect engine that can work well provided all our parts are healthy. Holistic dentistry addresses it all. He have taken extensive training in holistic dentistry and naturopathy that allows him to address the presently growing issues our patients rise about safety of replacing silver fillings and protection against their toxicity, toxicity ofand persistent dental problems that general dentistry seems to be unsuccessful in resolving.

Dr. Pozniakowski’s professional career has been about constant self-development and improvement of service to his patients. Never sees to educate and challenge is Dr. Poz’s motto.