Marketer of the year 2016

When she was 25, Polish native Agata Klimczak immigrated to Canada. After starting from scratch in an unfamiliar new country, Agata grew into a successful, dynamic leader in network marketing and business. Today, she’s creating new opportunities for other female entrepreneurs at all stages of their careers through the Brilliant Minded Woman network.

Agata worked in marketing and tourism for twelve years before entering the field of network marketing with global coffee brand and distributor Organo Gold, where she has reached one of the highest positions in the company.
As a Diamond Consultant, she created and manages a successful team of 2000 distributors. She has performed over 100 keynote addresses in North America and Europe and expanded the company into Poland.

When she’s not at her day job, Agata is raising two children and volunteers her time supporting organizations that support women and children. As the founder of the Brilliant Minded Women network, her vision is to acknowledge women’s achievements and leadership, raise funds for local and international causes and celebrate the importance of women in the world.

She continues to be a strong, inspirational, successful woman, bringing women in business to the forefront.

Brilliant Minded Women is an organization for female entrepreneurs who want more from heir professional and personal futures.

We’ve created a community where innovative, successful women at the top of their fields can develop strong, supportive relationships and show each other new ways to grow their businesses. Our vision is to acknowledge the achievements and leadership of female entrepreneurs, and to celebrate how much they matter. We hold focused, inspiring events to help women connect with each other and we introduce them to thought leaders who will motivate them to take their careers to the next level. Additionally, we use our collective power to raise funds for local and international causes.